Certified Clothier & Creative Coach

Endless possibilities 
with Fabric & Yarn

Whats new?

I designed some comfort bears for the Dutch charity organisation 'Metakids'. Hope I can raise a serious amount of money for research into metabolic diseases. 

My offer


Tailormade garnments and accessories according to your own idea or design


Existing garnments become as new or get a renewed perfect fit again

so they will last for years to come


Lessons and do-it-yourself
creative gatherings for

children & grown ups

Ina van der Velde

More about me

When I was about 14 years old I made my first skirt and I've been hooked ever since. There is nothing I'd rather did (and do ;-)) than being creative with fabrics and yarns. That's why at a young age I became a certified tailor/seamstress. In those first years I worked in various theatre and bridal workshops. After I graduated as a nurse I used my sewing skills to make healthcare aids in order to make the life of my (young) clients and their parents a bit easier. In the Portfolio you'll find some examples of these healthcare products. And because I'm convinced that creativity is educational and healing creative expression can be used as a tool for personal exploration and development. I'm a certified coach.  

One of my dreams is to start a workshop or webshop and to sell nice gifts that are made by people with a disability. 

Imagine it, then create it!

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